MC Paul Barman is a hip hop MC from Ridgewood, New Jersey, who attended Brown University.
"Enter Pan-Man," from his self-produced 7-inch Postgraduate Work (Househusband Records, 1998), attracted the attention of Prince Paul, and the two collaborated, releasing the It's Very Stimulating EP in 2000 on Wordsound. Paullelujah! followed in late 2002, with production by Prince Paul, MF Doom, MikeTheMusicGuy and Phofo. He has appeared on records with Deltron 3030 and Masta Ace, and has toured with Del tha Funkee Homosapien and Blackalicious. One of his most memorable works was the song “Housemate Troubles,” released on Matador Records, a scathing commentary on the modern social pressures of co-habitation.
MC Paul Barman is considered a nerdcore MC, though he himself eschews such labeling.

Example Lyrics
"I couldn't stay calm because/ she revealed a bra made of two yarmulkes." -the song pII
"What's happening? I keep my dreadlocks in a napkin ring." - From Deltron 3030
"Can I chime in? I'll still be rhymin' when I'm in your hymen." - MTV, Get off the Air, Part II
"I'll never forget the time Austin got lost in Boston because it rhymes." - Heartfelt Experiment
"In 5th grade she used to draw horses. Now she's a dominatrix, and she's shaved off her eyebrows. I just don't understand." - A Very Sad Story
"I push the envelope so far it says, 'Excuse you.'" - Excuse You
"My Brain makes the earth dark though I'm hung like a birth mark." - Joy of Your World
"-Like Alfred E. Newman asking "What, Me Understand?" Catch me fleeing from France peeing my pants with Ice Cream in my hands" - Schmuck Busters
"Your Talents are bite-sized, it's no surprise you rhyme with white guys." - MTV, Get off the Air, Part II
"Friends memories fade. We're remembered by what we made, so I intertwined my rhymes and my mind into a braid." - Excuse You.
"My dandy voice makes the most anti-choice granny's panties moist." - Cock Mobster, reprised from MTV Get off the Air Part II
"I like shorn quim lasses in horn-rimmed glasses, but Cindy Crawford offered." - Cock Mobster
"A Hand Job’s a Man’s Job. Yo' Job’s a Blow Job." - Salvation Barmy
"Smirkin' jocks with hackysacks and Birkenstocks and khaki slacks. I'm the hypest lyricist, while they're like, 'What type of beer is this?' " - MTV Get off the Air Part II
"Had I made a mockery of their culture, like the Choco Taco? Was I to rap as France was to Morocco? Was I:rap::France:Morocco?"
"I made Tahnee Welch punanni felch while her mommy belched!"