Scribble Jam, touted as "America's Largest Hip Hop Festival", has come to be seen as just that. It is the largest public display of underground hip hop that is available in the United States. Co-founded in 1996 by Scribble Magazine and DJ Mr. Dibbs of Atmosphere, the event has called Cincinnati, Ohio home for the last 10 years. Recently, the festival has grown in popularity and now sees tens of thousands of hip hop fans flock to its grounds in early August. The centerpieces of the Scribble Jam festival are the five competitions, four of which are designed to highlight the main aspects of hip hop culture. They include the emcee or freestyle battle, the DJ or scratching competition, the B-boy or breakdancing competition, and the graff-writer or graffiti competition. Recently a Beatbox Battle has been introduced and become a fan favorite. Historically, the most popular of the competitions has been the freestyle battle, although all aspects of the hip hop culture are well represented. In the last five years, guest performances have come to the forefront, bringing in great numbers of fans. Performers include hip-hop greats such as Big Daddy Kane, Adeem, Lyrics Born, Masta Ace, Prince Paul, Wordsworth, Blueprint, Brother Ali, Slug, Eyedea, MURS and many more.

History - Some of hip hop's most well-known and well-respected stars got their start at Scribble Jam. The most famous Scribble Jam competitor of all time is Eminem. He participated in the 1997 emcee battle, managing to make his way to the semifinals along with MC Juice, Rhymefest and Dose One. In the semifinal rounds, he was defeated by both Rhymefest and Juice. Despite his good showing, Eminem has been criticized for using the same "freestyle" punchlines in both the 1997 Rap Olympics and the 1997 Scribble Jam competition.
Artists associated with underground record labels such as Rhymesayers Entertainment, Anticon, and Molemen Records have thrived in the Scribble Jam environment; capturing titles in the competitions, performing songs off of their albums, and selling their albums at booths. The record labels themselves have used Scribble Jam as a way to find up and coming artists. Rhymesayers Entertainment as a whole has benefited from Scribble Jam more than any other record label. This seems only fair, considering that current members of the record label were instrumental in first getting Scribble Jam off the ground. Mr. Dibbs, one of the co-founders of Scribble Jam, is now a Rhymesayers artist.

Past winners

Emcee Battle
2008- The Sarus
2007- No Can Do
2006- The Saurus
2005- Justice
2004- iLLmacuLate
2003- Rhymefest
2002- Mac Lethal
2001- Adeem
2000- Sage Francis
1999- Eyedea
1998- Adeem
1997- MC Juice
1996- Malachi aka Vendetta

DJ Competition

2008- T-lo
2007- Scratch Bastid
2006- DJ I-Dee
2005- Spare Change
2004- Skratch Bastid
2003- Skratch Bastid
2002- DJ Squint
2000- DJ Precyse
1999- DJ Precyse
1998- DJ Precyse

B-boy Competition

2008- Brickheadz
2007- Motion Disorder
2006- Brickheadz
2005- Brickheadz
2004- ???????
2003- Motion Disorderz
2002- Motion Disorderz
2001- Milwaukee's Best
2000- Junkwartz
1999- Midwest Junkie Cats (Group with members of the Junkwartz and the Battlecats)
1998- Phase II
1997- Self-Explanatory
1996- Forrest Gump (Individual)

Production battle
2008- Optiks
2007- X:144

Beatbox Battle

2008- Scott Jackson
2007- Poizunus
2006- DJ Snuggles